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What is a Deposit Protection Insurance Policy?

Deposit Protection Insurance is designed to protect the monetary payments made to you, in the event that you cease to trade prior to the works being completed or started.

The maximum level of cover offered by this insurance will be 25% of the contract value. This policy doesn’t entitle the policy holder to an automatic refund of the funds “lost” but will ensure the customer is put back into the same financial position as they were prior to the installer’s closure.

Please see below an example of this insurance in practice;

Deposit ValueContract ValueOutstanding ValueLike For Like QuoteAmount Due to Complete InstallationDividend



What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

An Insurance Backed Guarantee is a policy of insurance which shall come into effect in the event that you cease to trade and will provide your customers with the benefits of the guarantee issued by you; where you are no longer in a position to honour same.



Why do I need to provide this cover?

You are required to provide this cover in line with your terms of business with QANW, so far as each domestic installation must have an insurance backed guarantee placed on that project.

Furthermore, you will be compelled to provide this under government legislation i.e. Part L of the Building Regulations or via a trade association membership; both of which dictate this type of product must be provided to your customer to maintain your compliance.



What does cease to trade mean?

Cease to trade means you are no longer in business and no longer selling or installing home improvement services.

For a definitive definition of what QANW class as cease to trade, please refer to the below extract from our current policy; 

Ceased Trading means ceasing to trade by reason of Liquidation (whether voluntary or involuntary), Receivership, Administration, Strike-Of or Dissolution in respect of a Limited company, Bankruptcy, Retirement, total incapacity or death of the principal(s) in the case of a Sole Trader or Partnership, or any other reason where suitable proof can be exhibited to the Insurer to confirm that the Contractor is no longer trading in any shape or form.



How long does the policy last?

QANW offer a wide range of products and services, all of which are subject to their own terms and conditions, dependent on the needs of that policy.

You will be provided with exact details of the term of cover offered when you review the relevant product details. Generally, our deposit cover will run for 120 days from date of deposit payment and our insurance backed guarantee will run for 10 years from date of completion of works.



How do I join?

To register with QANW, visit the Join Us section.



How much will it cost?

QANW offer a range of products and services, all have their own pricing due to risk appetite.

To select the most appropriate product for yourself, please view our complete range of policies here.



Can I bill my customer for this insurance?

No, you cannot bill your customer for insurance as a separate item as you are not a FCA regulated party and do not have the permission to sell insurance; the inclusion and declaration of this charge would be deemed to be selling an insurance product.

It should be a cost simply factored into your standard fees/charges.



How do I register my contracts with QANW?

Once you have applied for membership, and have been accepted, you will receive a welcome pack with these details and the method of submission.

For the most part, members will receive information on how to set up their online members account to submit all contracts. You can submit your contracts within the QANW members area; however further fee’s will be applicable for this service.



Can I view or get a copy of the policy of insurance?

Yes – On the members’ area you can view a copy of the policy of insurance; this is purely a copy and is watermarked as such. You should not pass this to your customer for any reason whatsoever; QANW/GPI will continue to issue your customers with the policy of insurance.




I can’t log into my account? 

You may not be able to access your account due to either your account being locked or you are using the wrong details. If the password being used is incorrect, then you can follow the ‘forgot your password’ section, but if the email address is wrong, please call us to confirm. 

If your account has been locked, you will be advised when attempting to log in and you should contact QANW in order to gain more information in this regard. You must enter the email address registered for the account as User ID, rather than the membership number.



I can’t find a job?

If you cannot locate your job within the online member’s area, it is most likely in the QANW archive; however, should you require any details on this, please contact us.



I need to amend/cancel a job, how do I do this?

Should you require to change any policy details, you will be required to phone or email these to QANW and quote the ID number generated by the system and confirm the changes or action required.

If a policy has already been issued, there will be an admin fee of £6 applicable to amend the details. Please contact us for information In respect of fees for cancellations.



I haven’t received or can’t find my Proforma invoice?

Proforma invoices should be available from the 1st working day of the month.

However, if you cannot source this or need one from before June 2014, please contact us in order to obtain one.



Why have I been charged a non-use fee?

A non-use fee is collected where no job has been entered via the online member’s area within a calendar month.



Do I have/get a membership certificate? 

QANW do not currently issue membership certificates, upon registration you will receive a welcome pack with an email/letter confirming successful registration.