Get more work with our latest membership benefit!

QANW members can now sign up for their “Freemium” account powered by Quotatis to get extra work in your local area.

What will I get with a Freemium account?

Freemium members can get a first look at the type and volume of enquiries that Quotatis has available in their area. You can monitor the amount of enquiries that come in each week before deciding whether it is cost-effective to sign up for a premium account with Quotatis. You can also build your own free business profile so customers can find out more about your services, once it’s complete it will be uploaded to the Quotatis Directory of UK Trade Professionals.

Benefits of a Freemium Account

  • See all the customer enquiries for your chosen profession in your local area
  • Create your free business profile, meaning customers across the UK can find out more about the services you offer
  • Add your business profile page to the Quotatis directory of UK Trade Professionals

Quotatis will contact you regarding setting up an account and if you like what you see on the Freemium account and would like to start accessing more leads we have put together a number of lead packages for 5, 10, 20 or 30 leads per month for our members to choose from.