In the event that a defect appears within your installation, and QANW are in receipt of written confirmation that the installer concerned has ceased to trade; you would be eligible to make a claim.

If the installer simply isn’t responding or you are having difficulties with your installer, QANW cannot become involved in the mediation of any dispute and your certificate/policy isn’t “active” until the installation firm has ceased to trade.

1. Contact our Claims Department

If the contractor has ceased to trade, contact our Claims Department, in order for us to arrange for a claim form to be issued to you (within 1 to 3 working days by post or email; depending on your preference).

Once you are in receipt of the claim form, please ensure you complete the form fully, accurately and sign/date the claim form. You will also be required to provide some supporting documentation, which will depend on the nature of your claim and the supporting documentation will be listed within the claim form.

N.B. if you fail to provide the necessary supporting documentation, this will impact the length of time your claim will take to progress.


2. Your Claim will be reviewed

Upon receipt of the claim form within the Claims Department, your file will be reviewed and we shall look to respond to you within 7 to 10 working days with a reply which may include:

  • An acknowledgement confirming receipt of your claim file
  • A request for further information or missing paperwork
  • Confirmation that QANW have appointed the services of our approved repairer, Remedial Company in order for a survey to be arrange to identify the nature of defect and a solution
  • A request that you obtain a quotation(s) from local repairers in view of the nature of the issue and a solution
  • QANW’s decision on your claim


3. Appointment of an approved repair company

Depending on the nature of your claim i.e. a fault with double glazing, doors, conservatory etc. and your post code area, the Claims Department will look to appoint the services of The Remedial Company to survey the property in order to identify the nature of defect, cause of defect and the cost with recommendation to repair.

QANW will look to review your file in view and issue our decision in line with The Remedial Company report within 7 to 10 working days of receipt of the report. For more details on The Remedial Company click here.

Where the services of the Remedial Company are not available to QANW, we would request you provide us with two quotations from local remedial repairer’s which include the nature of defect, cause of defect and the cost with recommendation to repair.

Many customers will find difficulty in this regard, as generally they are looking for the wrong type of contractor. To aid in your search for a remedial company, we would suggest you use, where you are able to search for example, double glazing repairers in KA7 1NS. Most customers will look to contact installers, who won’t have the expertise to repair and comment on the faults present with your installation and this will delay your claim.

If you do encounter severe difficulty in obtaining a quotation, please Contact Us in order that our Claims Department may advise your further.