deposit & workmanship warranty insurance (dawwi)

The DAWWI scheme is designed to help facilitate compliance for members of approved consumer codes (for example, the RECC consumer code).

The ultimate aim being to provide protection to customers in the event that you cease to trade and are unable to honour your outstanding obligations to that customer; whether they be completing an installation or honouring a workmanship warranty. This scheme is for domestic contracts only.

> QANW defines a domestic installation as one carried out by an installer on behalf of a private individual customer, on a property used for residential purposes. It is important to note that both criteria must be met and any job which falls outside of this definition will be treated as a commercial contract.

“The installing contractor must contract with a private individual; and the installation must be carried out on a residential property.”

Policy Benefits >

Installation Completion Insurance

> Installation Completion Insurance provides protection for your customers in respect of the loss of a deposit payment made in respect of the purchase of a small-scale heat or power generating system for installation for their home. In the event that the your firm ceases to trade during the 35 day period of insurance and is therefore unable to either install the goods; or supply and install the goods, the insurer will instruct the administrator to arrange for an alternative firm to either install the goods; or supply and install the goods for a fair market price.

Workmanship Warranty Insurance

A Variable termed policy for either 2, 5, 7 or 10 years. The policy is designed to protect your customer in the event that you cease trading and – as a result – are unable to honour the terms of your own written workmanship guarantee.

If you are interested in obtaining a specimen copy of any of these policies, please let us know within your application enquiry.

Policy Cost >

A single, one off premium, is payable – by you the installer – in respect of each domestic installation you carry out. You must not charge your customers in respect of the provision of the insurance protection, it must be provided freely. 


*Subject to status, additional fees will apply.
All prices quoted are inclusive of prevailing rate of Insurance Premium Tax.

Application Process >

  • Complete simple and brief online application form.

  • Agree to Terms of Business.

  • Complete online direct debit mandate.

  • Upload a copy of your written workmanship guarantee.

recc_logo     Upon Application, you will be asked to login to our members area, please use your RECC membership no. and password. Should you need to query these details, please contact RECC directly.


Once you have completed all 4 stages, your application will be vetted. This will include checks on your solvency and the suitability for insurance of your written workmanship guarantee. 

The main aim of the solvency check is to ensure that your firm is financially sound; an important consideration as this is the first trigger for the insurance. You may be asked for further information to confirm your solvency. The purpose of checking your written workmanship guarantee is to ensure that the cover you have agreed to provide to your customers is suitable; both from the point of view of your customer, and from the point of view of the insurer’s underwriting standards. You will be contacted within 7-10 working days upon receipt of your full application to confirm if you have been successful, if further information/assurances are required, or if you have been declined.

Application Process >

Go to our Join Us page and complete the brief online enquiry form, you will then be contacted by QANW to request further information and issue the relevant application details.

Installation Registration >

Once you have been registered with QANW, you will be sent a welcome pack containing your login details to the QANW online member’s area, where you can raise all your requests for insurance.

If you have
collected a deposit >

  • Register all details of the customer’s installation on our online members’ area as soon as you have collected the deposit payment.
  • QANW will issue your customer with Installation Completion Insurance policy documentation for their retention.
  • As soon as the installation has been satisfactorily completed, log-on to the members’ area and update the existing record to declare that the works have been completed. This step is crucially important, as your customer will not receive their Workmanship Warranty Insurance if you do not do this.
  • Once the works have been signed of as complete, QANW will issue Workmanship Warranty Insurance policy documentation to your customer.

If you have NOT
collected a deposit >

  • Register the details on online members’ area as soon as you have satisfactorily completed the works.
  • QANW will issue the Workmanship Warranty Insurance.

Payment >

Payment will be due upon entry of the record within the QANW members’ area and will be collected via direct debit payment once a month in respect of policies requested; on or around the first of every month.


Consumer Codes >

As a member of an approved consumer code, you are required to financially protect your customer with respect to their deposit and your workmanship warranty. It was with this goal in mind that the DAWWI scheme was first created; to provide valuable protection to your customers and to facilitate your compliance with the approved consumer code.

Operators of approved consumer codes do not receive any remuneration in respect of insurance business transacted pursuant to the DAWWI scheme. 

If you have any questions regarding the scheme, please contact our team, during normal business hours, on 01292 268020. Alternatively, please visit our FAQ page.