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Claims Process

Claims Process

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve found a defect with your installation and your installer has ceased to trade meaning you wish to make a claim against your policy. Please check the “How to make a Claim” section of your policy to confirm the required criteria for making a claim against your insurance, this will most likely be that the original installing contractor must no longer be trading.

Please find detail of our claims process below, this should provide you with all the information you need and should also set out expectations of what will happen next.

  • Stage 1: Contact our Claims Department

    What you should expect from us

    Our Claims Team will check if the installer has ceased to trade and if so, will issue you with a claim form. This will either be e-mailed or posted to you depending on your preference. You should allow up to 7 working days to receive the form if this is being posted.

    What we need from you

    Once you receive the Claim Form we require you to complete this accurately and in FULL, and sign/date the claim form.

    Depending on the type of policy you have been issued with we will also need some supporting documentation, don’t worry this detail will be provided alongside your claim form. Please note, if you fail to provide the necessary supporting documentation this will affect the length of time your claim will take to progress.

  • Stage 2: Your Claim will be reviewed

    Once we receive your completed claim form with all supporting documentation we will then review your file and will aim to respond to you within 10 working days.

    Your reply may include:

    • An acknowledgement confirming receipt of your claim file,
    • A request for further information or missing paperwork,
    • Confirmation that we have appointed the services of our approved repairer, The Remedial Company, in order for a survey to be arranged to identify the nature of defect and details of any repairs or;
    • A request that you obtain quotation(s) from local repairers to advise the nature of the issue and also detail repair options,
    • Our decision on your claim.
  • Stage 3: Appointment of an approved Repair Company

    Depending on the type of claim and your location we will look in the first instance to appoint the services of The Remedial Company to survey the installation in order to identify what the defect is, what has caused the defect and also the cost to repair.

    We will then review your file and issue our decision in line with the Remedial Company report within 10 working days of receipt of the report.

    Where the service of the Remedial Company is not available to us, we will request for you to provide us with two quotations from local repairers to identify what the defect is, what has caused the defect and the cost to repair.

    If for any reason you encounter difficulties in obtaining quotations, please get in touch with us in order that our Claims Department may advise you further.

Remedial Company Find out more about the Remedial Company here.